Today's special a 3 fer Jan 30; what happens when 18 wheels can't turn in the u-turn lane

South side view

North side view

Looking from my office window

Jan 29 The man

Jan 28 Gumby say's "Hi"

Jan 27 I love this stuff!

Jan 26 Setting sun as I work (Thank God I have a job)

Jan 25 Somebody is moving on up

Jan 24 Good morning Mr. Squirrel

Jan 23 Leaving work late

Jan 22 Behind my Oscar Statue (yes it's really mine)

Jan 21 Me naked in bed

Jan 20 Some of Beloved's daggers

Jan 19 Working on my 1st Altered Book (still)

Jan 18 A walk in a park that has a swamp

Jan 17 Awesome evening sky

Jan 16 Back at work- Can I go home yet

Jan 15 still sick and this is my view

Jan 14 home from work-in bed sick

Jan 13 morning moon

Jan 12 Beloved has a new helment and daggers

1-11 Birthday gifts- Bar stools for my studio

1-10 Debris of life on Bolivar Peninsula

Jan 9 The best moon photo I have ever taken

Jan 8 plant in the breezway at my office building

Jan 7 Sunset

Jan 6 Rainy drive in to work

Jan 5 Timely photo

Jan. 4 Updating Header Photo here

Jan. 3 Pressing some handmade paper
Jan 2 Dictionary Entry

Jan 1 Sunrise