Feb 28 Last day of the month brings Our Yard
Feb 27 Hospital Sign --Wonder what it Sounds like?
Feb 26 Lighting the corner
Feb 25 Parking garage stairway--climb these after a hard day

Feb 24 Blue sky, happy clouds

Feb 23 This day is now history

Feb 22 Glass light-angelic

Feb 20 An extra hand

Feb 20 Blooming Redbud tree up the street
Feb 19 A moth of some sort

Feb 18 Annette watches the Iris' come up

Feb 17 Beside my bed

Feb 16 I have had this thing for faces and body shapes lately
Feb 15 New Paint-bright and eye catching

Feb 14 The Man is feeling sweet today

Feb 13 Ever feel like the tension in your neck was just gonna snap your head off?

Feb 12 On the way to work, yet again

Feb 10 The house that lies close to the barn (my favoriate place to photograph)

Feb 9 On the way to work, again

Feb 9 My back getting acupuncture (note it is hard to take a picture of your own back when you are laying face down)

Feb 8 Bee in a flower~~shh, listen, hear it buzzzzzzz

Feb 7 Flower Shopping in 80 degree sweating heat

Feb 6 Going home topless-Yes it's that warm here

Feb 5 My favorite place to photograph; frost on the ground

Feb 4 NO Bailout money was used for the purchase of this fancy glass; it is 2 years old

Feb 3 My truck had an Icesheild this morning
Feb 2 The light over my studio sink