April 30 Blooming: Roses, Stela Doras, Hibiscus, Azalea & many kinds of Weeds

April 29 Trail in the woods

April 28 Rainy Tuesdays - make flooding

April 27 Rainy Mondays-make for a blah day

4-26 Goodbye ugly shed

April 25 Kitchen window view before sunrise-steet light shinning into a pine tree next street over

April 24 Seedlings-An exoic but not cotton-we will have to wait and see

April 23 Fog makes for good grass eating

April 22 which way should I go, left another left then straight on

April 21 My claws- braces for carpel tunnel; look like crap but they help a little

April 20 The leaves are huge on this new plant/tree

April 19 Boiling pot-o-magic beans

April 18 Raining day--beautiful

April 17 Went to see the Women--a wonderful show

April 16 Just gotta love spring shoes
April 15 Do these shoes make my legs look short?

April 14 Someone thru out a lamp roadside-Why do y'all trash up my country?

April 13 "Blue Rose" although it is really a lavender color in RL

April 12 A pealed Easter Egg-weird

April 11 Fish Aquarium at MD Anderson Hospital

April 10 Yellow Rose in our yard

April 9 New greenery at the office

April 7 A New appliance (is too)

April 6 My Favorite appliance

April 5 Washing machine- thank God for not having to wash clothes in the creek!

April 4 Coffee Maker is empty, must be time to get dressed

April 3 Antique keyboard- known as an electric typewriter

April 2- must be appliance week?
April 1 The Man not Eggxatly right today