March 31 Our front yard as it appeard today

March 30 What's in my fridge, just what I thought-NOTHING

March 29 Looking out my studio window at the blue coolness

March 28 Some new ATCs-have I mentioned they are fun to do

March 27 Ah hail and a twister came by-all is well

March 26 Still putting up Vacation hiking stuffs

March 25 Stop looking at the naked bunny man

March 24 Rain drops on the Iris

March 23 A book I made with my handmade paper

March 22 Bearded Iris and roses welcomed us HOME

March 21 Langtry, home of Judge Roy Bean

March 20 the Rio Grande looking towards Old Mexico

March 19 Good morning blooming cactus

March 18 Chisos Lodge sun set
March 17 The Man getting lucky at the Gage Hotel

March 16 Cactus Flower

March 15 ME on an old fashioned all terrain vehicle (horse)

March 14 Big Bend National Park Texas

March 13 Packed for VACATION--see ya soon

March 12 Packing the Techie stuff for VACATION

March 11-Where is the rain the peony and iris wanta know & me to

March 10 The moon before a weather change-Come on Rain

March 9 The sun is going to bed

March 8 My first set of ATC Front above; Back Below; the same yet not the same

?I numbered them for some stupid reason?

March 7 Good morning loverly Skitter Hawk

March 6 Time stopped--please replace battery; it's been 2 years

March 5 New plant in the breeze way at work

March 4 Milk it does MY body good

March 3 The gutterman came

March 2 What's under my bed--too many shoes, boots and purses (no such a thing as too many)

March 1 Texas long horn cattle