May 29 - little pink crinkled flower

May 28 - some kind of big blue thing on a 18 wheeler's trailer

May 27 - Fixing to bloom

May 26 - Our new shed

May 25 - The Man Bar-b-ques for Memorial Day; Thank you United States Military of the past, present and our future!

May 24 - two fer photo day - Bananna Pudding yummy

May 24 - two fer photo day - Sliced Strawberries; oh my

May 23 - Well there is still some paper on the roll; right?

May 22 - MMM Candy, Candies, here kitty kitty

May 21 - Blomming sunshine

May 20 - Freeway constructing at night, I surpose

May 19- how many bottles do you have in your shower?

May 18 - Pidgeons eating people road kill; ok trash thrown out by people

May 17 -Just shooting home grown flowers

May 16 - Accupuncture; paper flowers by Dr. Kim's wife

May 15 - Eating Mexican food and being sung to

May 14- This is a magic rock, it hitched a ride and rode on my hood under the u-turn, around a corner and up the parking garage-yes magic rock

May 13 - I know your coffee table looks like this too; well without the Weird Texas book I guess

May 12 - Foggy morning, froggy day-jumping at night

May 11 - Some one was gonna use a mop but it wasn't gonna be Me!

May 10 - a day in ER, then admitted then released-Beloved Blood pressure was wee bit high 198 over 107; but no heart attack

May 9 - Does this color make my boobs look old-your answer BETTER be NO!

May 8 - Not my car, but it looks like some one took a can opener to it

May 7 - which is the reflection and which is not--puzzling yet sexy

May 6 - I forgot what this flower is called, the stalk is about waist high and the bloom is as wide as my hand

May 5 Reception area of where I work my fingers to the bone

May 4 - Do ya see the pinkish bloom thing in the center of the red leaves?-Of course you do

May 3 Evening sky

May 2 Behind Annette
May 1 Resting fellow